Friday Night Finishing

Our Friday Night Finishing programme is designed to help our young midfielders and forwards to become more well-rounded and expressive in the final third and more confident and clinical in front of goal. We coach a range of techniques, build-ups to goal and match scenarios each session that leave our attacking players full of progress and enthusiasm to want more.

The last 15-20 minutes of each session will see the finishers and goalkeepers go head to head. Here, players will work from different set-ups and scenarios before a shot and/or save is taken. E.g. 1 on 1s, placement finishing vs diving down low, taking and saving powerful strikes and volleys, recreating match situations, free-kicks and penalties.

Allowing our players to experience lots of technical reps at the end of the week in a buzzing atmosphere, we continue to see our players from each programme go into their weekend games full of self belief and confidence that they will get the job done in impressive fashion at both ends of the pitch.

Player to coach ratio: 6:1


N. Troughton

‘The coaching is first class and the coaches are amazing! Every session is well structured, passionately coached and great fun!’ 5 Stars

L. James

‘Our best decision was to enrol our son to PSC. He loves attending, always has a smile on his face and his confidence, techniques and overall game has improved massively! We couldn’t ask for anything more!’ 5 Stars

B. O'Brien

The coaching staff exudes positivity and care about the development of each player. They are highly skilled and know their craft inside out. I couldn’t recommend PSC highly enough! 5 Stars