Art of Defending

Art Of Defending is our weekly session that is dedicated to exactly that. Here, we break down what makes an elite level defender and coach topics each week that will result in players becoming defenders that are ultra comfortable technically and tactically both in and out of possession.

In possession, we coach players to be consistent in their first touch and passing abilities and expressive yet decisive when playing out from the back.

Out of possession, whether: tackling, pressing, jockeying, sliding, intercepting, blocking or even communicating... we highlight and develop the subtle details attached to all of these areas and more.

Player to coach ratio: 6:1


N. Troughton

‘The coaching is first class and the coaches are amazing! Every session is well structured, passionately coached and great fun!’ 5 Stars

L. James

‘Our best decision was to enrol our son to PSC. He loves attending, always has a smile on his face and his confidence, techniques and overall game has improved massively! We couldn’t ask for anything more!’ 5 Stars

B. O'Brien

The coaching staff exudes positivity and care about the development of each player. They are highly skilled and know their craft inside out. I couldn’t recommend PSC highly enough! 5 Stars